“Sonic New York” – the album

“It’s either a love letter or a ‘Dear John’ letter to New York City,” Shirey says of the album. “I haven’t decided yet.”

front cover

Front Cover for 'Sonic New York' - album art and layout by Evan Rosen

back cover

Back Cover and Tracklist for "Sonic New York"


1. 15 Punk Rockers Pounding a Piano in Junk
2. I Live In New York City
3. Gramercy Park
4. You Can Ring My Bell
5. Ghosts of the Gowanus Canal
6. Dreamland
7.The Bed Bugs Are Back!
8. Lizzie Miss Lizzie
9. Asleep on the Subway
10. The Choir Is Underground
11. Mehenatta
12. Clothes of My Man
13 Bergen and Grand
14. A Young Man Walks in Brooklyn
15. Caterpillar Crawls Through Chinatown
16. Brooklyn Bridge Song
17. Sunday Dub

This is an independent release. I’ve spent the last 2 years working hard and going into debt to make this piece of art. Please don’t put it up on BitTorrent.  -Sxip