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The Dresden Dolls
These folks took me on a big rock and roll tour with them. They are great musicians, performers and have a really sweet and amazing fan base.
The Luminescent Orchestrii
Sxip's gypsy/punk/tango/klezmer ensemble. Three violins, resophonic guitar and guitarron spitting out music that makes you want to shout, dance and cry.
Nervous Cabaret
Ecstatic music for savage souls.
The Wiyos
Sweet, sexy and romantic vaudevillian ragtime blues, hillbilly swing and old time country.

Indespensible NYC resources

Nonsense NYC
THIS is THE underground paper of NYC
Toxic POP

Venues that support the underground arts scene

Galapagos Art Space
The are getting a new home in DUMBO, which is really great!
HERE Performance Art Space
Home to many of Sxip's and his friends' productions.
Joe's Pub
The current home of most SXIP events in the city.



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Creator and webmaster of this site
Gemini and Scorpio
Online dating guides bravely trying to create a sense of community among the artists of NYC

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