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Sxip's Hour of Charm and Sonic New York

Sxip's Hour of Charm at Joe's Pub, featuring Amanda Palmer, The Red Bastard, Reggie Watts, Curtis Eller, Scotty The Blue Bunny and more (January 2007) of the most hypnotizing and gratifying shows we had been to in a long time...
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Two variety shows that feature absolutely unique live artists. These are artists who have dedicated their lives to what they do. The shows are fascinating and inspiring. This is where are and entertainment meet.
Sonic New York features Sxip and two two other innovative music and sound oriented acts from New York City, playing separately or together. A lecture or a workshop can be included.
Sxip's Hour of Charm features Sxip and four to five performing artists of all different types, circus artists, comedy, dance or puppetering.
Below are some of our performers.

The musicians and sound generators

Sxip Shirey

Your host and sonic manipulator. Industrial Flute, Mutant Harmonica, Regurgitated Music Boxes, Obnoxiophone and other Sonic Marvels.

Reggie Watts

A human beat boxer, comedian and incredible vocalists. Reggie creates live loops, building the structure of the song as he goes. He ALWAYS brings down the house; there is almost no way to describe this guy.

Corn Mo

Accordion player with a rock opera voice. Corn Mo recently has been opening for Ben Folds Five, also tours with They Might Be Giants and Polyphonic Spree. VERY FUNNY, but also writes very beautiful serious music.

Bora Yoon

"a one-woman orchestra.." -- DJ Spooky
Recently featured in the Wall Street Jounral for her cell phone composition, Yoon is one of the most fascinating young artists on the New York scene. Voice, electric violin, musicbox, Tibetan singing bowl, cell phones, water, keys, guitar, live samples and loops.

Project Jenny Project Jan

"a shocking, dynamic, danceable and hilarious affair --Billboard Magazine

Curtis Eller

New York Cities angriest yodeling banjo player...and a total sweetheart.

The variety artists

The Red Bastard

"Very, Very Funny" --New York Times
Eric Davis is a clown and theater artist who has a Buffont character named the Red Bastard. An absolutely hilarious deconstruction of theater.

Una Mimnagh

"Una achieves a certain intimacy and connection...a real romance with the audience" --St. Louis Post Dispatch
Una is an aerial artist specializing in Corde Lisse, Lyra, Trapeze, Spanish Web, Cloudswing and Silks. Beautiful and powerful.

Greg Walloch

"...wicked sense of humor and his basic strategy for dealing with life: Use whatever you've got to turn life's often bitter lessons into something positive. There's plenty of healthy anger in his humor, and while his material is fairly specific in its focus, it also has a universal appeal." --Ken Fox, TV Guide
Greg Walloch is a comedian and storyteller. He's got a beautiful ability to show us how all our situations are universal.

Scotty The Blue Bunny

Scotty is simply one of the most ridiculously charismatic performers I have ever seen. Audiences love Scotty The Blue Bunny. What does he do? Sings, comedy, magic, really doesn't matter what he does; it's who and what he is.

Jonathan Nosan

Jonathan Nosan is an incredible contortionist, aerial artist and acrobat. Trained in contortion in China, then studied butoh and ballet. His work is beautiful and unsettling.

AJ Silver

The sexiest rope spinning cowboy that Brooklyn has ever produced. Brings down the house everytime.

Contact Sxip 808A Bergen St Brooklyn, NY 11238
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